Boston Teacher Leadership Summit

The Learning Project: Using a Teacher Designed Program to Grow Other Teacher-Lead Ideas

We have been given a unique opportunity to create a project based learning school for seniors in our district. This half day program, called the Learning Project, (which began in 2013) integrates math, physics, economics, government, and English through real world projects. In this program the students are developing skills of verbal and written communication, personal agency, collaboration, project management, and creative problem solving.

However, we do not want the impact of this program to stop at our classroom door. We want to capitalize on this opportunity to create other opportunities for our colleagues and their students in the rest of the school/district. This would include embedding professional development into the classroom where other teachers could spend time in the Learning Project to learn about project-based learning and develop learning experiences for their own classrooms.

Using the lessons learned in the Learning Project and the opportunities for embedded professional development we would like to develop a senior seminar which would become a graduation requirement. This experience would provide all students an opportunity to inquire deeply into a topic of their own interest while developing their communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and presentation skills.



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