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NJ ASCD believes in order to provide a full service experience where children and families needs are met on a daily basis, the entire teacher must be fulfilled, too. Perseverance must play a significantly central role in an educator’s life in order to meet the needs of the whole child. A healthy teacher becomes a lifelong learner and leader. A whole teacher better models and supports a whole child and their family.


NJ ASCD has embraced a belief in whole child and whole educator advocacy while encouraging and modeling digital age strategies and thinking. Social media is a prime arena to engage and form relationships with educators. Titles are shaved off and irrelevant. The focus is on student and educator learning, and cycles back to the original honorable goal of doing what’s best for children and their families. We identify educators through Twitter chats, blogs read, and grassroots conferences, who believe in servant leadership, paying it forward, and are looking to give back . We offer them opportunities to: release any negative educational experiences, have a voice and choice in driving professional development and policy within the state (and nationally), and provide a support network available 24/7 via social media. Our goal is to form authentic, trusting relationships with educators whose sole goal is to remain rooted to their reason for entering the profession, while encouraging them to embrace their passions to move education forward.

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State New Jersey


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