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The World Languages Proficiency Project: Preparing Our Students for a Multilingual World

The World Languages Proficiency Project will help the Modern and Classical Languages Department provide students with effective tools (technological and non-technological) that will help them explore their language of study through reading, summarization, and storytelling, and discover talents that they will be able to transfer to their learning in other disciplines. It will also build more collaborative efforts in the district by providing opportunities for high school students to mentor our sixth grade students to enhance their curriculum, and begin to develop outside partnerships to further enhance the goal of making our students fluent and globally aware.


In order to meet the needs of our students, we will support their literacy skills by providing engaging, culturally-enriched books or e-books through a mobile World Languages library that will spark their critical thinking and improve their proficiency in their language of study. These resources and the activities developed will boost their motivation to continue learning a second language beyond level III. In addition, we will partner with the WL teachers (6th grade) at the middle school to make this project a great learning experience for our high school and middle school students. Other possibilities include a speaker series and field trips to support the goals of community partnership, fluency and global learning.



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