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The program I wish I had: How we can support and develop more teacher leaders (and build more NBCTs)

As of May 2015, Mount Holyoke College in partnership with the National Network of State Teachers of the Year will be launching a new program to support and develop teacher leaders nationally. This program is built around the Teacher Leader Model Standards, the Teacher Leadership Competencies, and the National Board Five Core Propositions. Teachers will be able to earn stackable certificates as they work on building personal and professional leadership skills to create stronger public schools.


This program will be taught by a Mount Holyoke faculty member that is a state teacher of the year and an embedded practitioner who is also a state teacher of the year. A track will also be available for teachers who wish to pursue their National Board Certification, with candidate support available and coursework geared towards portfolio submission.


This is the program I wish I had as I found myself flung into the world of teacher leadership, learning as I went along. This will help purposefully and strategically develop skills for the graduate students to positively impact their school, district, state, or beyond.


As we head towards launch, I would love help fine-tuning the program to make sure I'm developing what's needed to support and develop our great teacher leaders. What am I missing? I need help reflecting to build something great to support our public school students.



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