Boston Teacher Leadership Summit

Transformation is Tough—Partnering With and Supporting Teacher Leaders

Change is hard and stepping up to provide leadership can be personally and professionally challenging. Teacher leaders are often right in the middle—at the crux of important conversations about teaching and learning that can feel like they are between a rock and a hard place as they talk with colleagues and friends about altering long-standing practices and challenge established beliefs.

Join a conversation about the importance of empowering and supporting the people involved in leading the hard work required to change how two large high schools shift to competency-centered instruction/assessment while adopting a standards-based grading system that separates learning from behavior. Time has been carved out within the school day to enable students to seek extra help and join co-curricular activities. Teacher leadership has been the key to making these changes move from theory to practice.

Utilizing distributed leadership; providing embedded professional development; seeking and using meaningful feedback from stakeholders; developing opportunities for student voice to be heard and incorporated into decisions; using data and protocols to focus in on work and outcomes as opposed to habits and personalities while developing formal and informal opportunities for teachers and administrators to work in partnership are some of the ideas/practices that are working for us as we move two 1800+ pupil public high schools forward. What’s working for you? Let’s talk.



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