Denver Teacher Leadership Summit

Uniform Training for Staff

According to the National Education Association, 46% of all teachers leave teaching within five years. In the 2011-12 Personnel Turnover report compiled by the Colorado Department of Education (CDE), there were 1040 new teachers in the District.


While there are myriad reasons for this turnover, this proposed solution focuses only on preparing new teachers, providing structure for existing teachers, and streamlining the training process. Strong protocols for new teachers creates reliable structures and policies throughout a school.


Currently, as part of the New Teacher Education program, teachers go to the New Educators Institute (NEI), where they learn about ProComp and general information about pay, benefits, and other facts that all employees need.


In some schools, a new educator meeting plan and mentors are provided to help guide new teachers during the first year teaching. This consists of one meeting per month, where the teacher generally misses a vital meeting that would help them far more, and one meeting a month with a mentor whose investment may only be related to a small bonus check received for services rendered.


This is inadequate.



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