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Using Peer Observers to Support Educator Effectiveness and Leadership

Educator to Educator feedback on teaching and learning is an effective tool for increasing educator effectiveness, for both the peer educator and observed educator, and supports educator leadership through the identification of peer educators.


Our idea supports the use of peer educators, as Qualified Peer Observers (QPOs), to provide feedback to our educators who are on peer observation portion of a two year educator evaluation plan.


In this scenario, QPOs observe peers, providing feedback to fhe fellow educator, in relation to the district's educator evaluation rubric (district-developed, aligned to the state rubric.) To support the QPOs in collaborative conversations, we seek to provide quality training to these peer observers, who apply and are interviewed by their administrator, to provide quality feedback to their peers on effective teaching strategies that lead to student learning.


This work highlights the leadership of the QPO who will participate in the graduate credit training course, and work in a peer observation format to support teaching and learning.



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