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Using iPads to increase Higher Level Thinking Skills

I have been in charge of piloting five iPads in my resource room setting for the past three years. Due to the testing scores my students received, my principal bought 40 more iPads. I have spent numerous hours independently investigating ways to best use iPads at the elementary level to reach the top of Blooms Taxonomy. As my iPad use has expanded so have my views on how to use iPads as tools towards higher level thinking, differentiation and engagement. Personalized Learning can be accomplished with the iPad like never before. I know that as busy teachers today it is nearly impossible for every teacher to spend the same amount of time figuring out how best to use iPads. It is my plan to create a professional development series to share with other elementary teachers what I have done in my resource room and also how I have supported the general education reading/math curriculum when pushing into full classrooms. As teachers learn how to use iPads effectively to increase higher level thinking, students will also benefit.



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