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Veteran Teachers Providing Novice Teachers with the Best Strategies to Handle Difficult Situations with Parents

There is a need to create a PLC (Professional Learning Community)of veteran teachers who are able to provide novice teachers with the best practices to use when effectively communicating with parents in difficult situations. Although educators attend teacher prep programs to obtain the proper tools on becoming teachers, there is a lack of best strategies provided to these novice teachers on how they can effectively communicate with parents when a difficult situation arises. A difficult situation can consist of a parent questioning a teacher's ability to properly teach, challenging a grade report or classroom assignment, or even just the differences in personalities.


I believe novice teachers are not provided with the necessary tools needed to know how they can handle these types of scenarios without feeling singled out, unsupported by administration, or forced into a corner because of the parental involvement. Novice teachers can really benefit from having a PLC to connect with or a mentorship program that focuses on training teachers on how to effectively communicate with those parents who challenge their ability to be an educator. Novice teachers need to know that they have a network of veteran teachers they can turn to and depend on for support from those who have dealt with these types of challenges. Putting these networks in place will improve novice teacher retention rates as well as help teachers build their confidence and professionalism in the field.



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