Summer 2014 Campaign

What would your perfect teacher leadership program look like?

I'm collaborating with amazing teachers and teacher leaders in developing the program I wish I had to prepare me for teacher leadership! One that includes the skills for the changing role of a teacher, that helps teachers prepare for new roles, implement ideas that impact students, and/or lead from the classroom. This program will be wrapped around the Teacher Leader Model Standards and will be a blended-learning program, with teachers video-conferencing and learning in cohorts, synchronously and asynchronously. We will video-conference in teacher leaders (NNSTOY members, NBCTs, and CTQ Collaboratory members, including stipend) across the country who are doing the work, and we will have virtual mentors for the project-based component. This will be highly collaborative and highly individualized, housed at Mount Holyoke College and supported by NNSTOY.


Now here's the big question...what is needed? What skills would have helped you? What ideas do you have so we can develop something that can help teachers transform public education? Let's think BIG!



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