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Work based learning with peer mentors for students with autism

At this moment many students that have learning disabilities or cognitive disibilities spend part of their k-12 education learning about the world of work. They learn this by taking work based learning classes that allow them to go to work for part of their school day and earn credit toward a high school diploma or a certificate of completion. Many of these students require a job coach so they can be successful. This cost money and some of these programs are in danger of being shut down or reduced. At this time many students with autism are shut out of these programs or classes.,because of budget restrictions. Peer mentors have long been successful working with students with autism in general education class to help them with proper behavior. The problem is many students with autism do not need general education classes, they are not going to college.

There is a chance for these non -college bond students to benefit from some on the job training to teach them about the world of work. This could allow them to become a productive member of society without costing anything. Peers have taken classes to help students wth autism gain general education credit, why could they not take a class to help a student with autism earn credit in a work based learning class.



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