Denver Teacher Leadership Summit

Writing Instruction Staff Development

I created a staff development team consisting of all the instructors for writing, but the model could be applied to other subjects. Our goal was to create a cohesive, rigorous writing program across the grades which is aligned with the curriculum. Our plan for the course is to: • Work in collaborative teams (kindergarten, 1st-2nd grade, 3rd-4th grade, 5th grade, and middle school) to match the lessons in the new materials to the curriculum to know which lessons to teach from the materials. • Create narrative and expository rubrics for each grade level based upon the curriculum. • Digitize copies of all material/curriculum alignments and rubrics to create a school archive that can be used by new teachers in the future. • Score student writing exemplars using the rubrics to analyze the samples across the grade levels. • Share other resources such as websites and prompts.



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