Fall 2014 Campaign

Writing Workshop for At-Risk Middle Schoolers

There are places that Harper Lee once described as never changing, regardless of the ebbs or flows of U.S. prosperity. Hempstead, NY is one of those places: its unemployment and crime rates are high, its literacy rates are low, and it's always been this way.


While one program cannot change all the problems of one community, it can change one thing: it can give the middle school students of this village a voice.


The program rests on two main principles : first, we believe that good writers become good communicators and leaders, and second, good writing is something required across disciplines, so good writers have better competency rates overall.


We will be providing weekly instruction in creative and memoir writing that will result in print and digital published pieces. Students will work with teachers who will help students create several pieces, then they will choose a finished product to be published in our blog,

http://tyrmkwil.blogspot.com/, put in a self-published book, and showcased during a literary reading.

City Bay Shore

State New York


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