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Youth Volunteer Corps: Supervise a service club for your students

Service-learning is a strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities. This process is further reinforced when service is clearly linked to school curriculum or other educational objectives.


Youth Volunteer Corps is the only large-scale youth service organization in the U.S. and Canada that creates and supports quality, team-based youth service opportunities. YVC can be hosted by schools as a club for middle and high school students age 11-18. Teachers or parents can supervise the YVC program by helping students plan service projects throughout the community during the school year or just as a summer program when students and school faculty have more time.


Supervising this program can help your students reach service hour requirements, inspire them to help others, expose them to community issues outside of their usual perspective, improve college applications and resumes, break the barrier and encourage collaboration between the middle and high school, and develop students that are prepared for the workforce, higher education and life as engaged adult citizens. Students can also meet Youth Volunteers across the country and in Canada by attending the annual YVC conference or joining the International Youth Advisory Board.

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