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teacher advisers on school boards

Recently I have attended some school board meetings and I find that the members on the school board usually have an understanding about budget, finance and the physical operations of companies and businesses, but have no idea about education. I suggest that there be some teacher adviser positions which serve to give feedback on what happens in a classroom, school building and how whatever topic is being discussed would affect teachers, students and learning. The positions would not be voting positions. Perhaps the boards of education should have an advisory cabinet made up of principals, teachers and parents that they could consult when coming up with solutions and before presenting ideas to the public. This advisory body could perhaps prevent a lot of the backlash that boards receive when they propose ridiculous budgets or ideas. Maybe being able to hear about the ramifications of decisions being made prior to making those decisions would be helpful. In the most recent meeting I attended, the board member asked principals to explain how the reduced budget would play out in the everyday reality of the running of the school. Shouldn't this question have been asked before the budget submission? An "educator council" for boards of education could play a proactive role in helping boards to make better decisions the first time instead of having to react to the public outcry after the fact.



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