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Spring Campaign

Hands on STEM Teacher Training via YouTube

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Lead STEM teachers by doing their own experiments and posting themselves on YouTube during summer monthly PD sessions to experience first hand. Teachers overcome their experiment fear and do simple demonstrations with confidences. The videos may also be used as open ended videos on demonstration steps. Confidence is the number one priority for STEM teachers do hands on experiments inquiry demonstrations along with time... more »

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Winter Campaign

Instructional Round Playground: Identifying Excellence in Educational Practice

Our new teachers meet with instructional coaches for five seminars outside of the school day in their first year. This year, we incorporated what I call "Instructional Round Playground." This is how it works. We show our new teachers a portion of a Teaching Channel video. Then, as if we were taking part in an instructional round together, we focus on identifying examples of excellence in teaching. It's amazing what... more »

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Spring Campaign

Instructional Coaching is Needed to Improve Schools trending idea

In order to change struggling schools for the better, Instructional Coaches should be used to focus the instruction using research based instructional strategies. Instructional coaches' roles should be clearly defined and should not be asked to do administrative duties such as (but not limited to): lunch duty, disciplining students, etc. Instead as an Instructional Coach 100% of their time should be spent going through... more »

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