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Spring Campaign

Balanced Classrooms

Like students, teachers are being assessed with a one-size fits all mentality. Not all classrooms are balanced in terms of ability, income, language proficiency, emotional stability, and behaviors to name a few. Yet, teachers need to reach the same levels of achievement whether their students attend 180 days a year or 80 days a year.

Many classrooms have disproportionate percentages of student demographics and needs.... more »


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Winter Campaign

Student Teaching: The Next Apprenticeship

How many started your first year and were hanging on by a thread? I have. The phrase "the 2nd year is better" or reading articles on "how to survive your first year" is created and used by veteran teachers. The traditional teacher development through college and alternative programs leave 1st year teachers unprepared to tackle all of the responsibilities of a teacher. Now add on the responsibility to relay content to... more »


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Winter Campaign

Just Ask

There are so many different ideas and opinions about how to improve schools, teaching, and learning. We hear from parents, educators, administrators, policy makers, and everyone who has access to a soapbox. The one voice we rarely hear is that of students. This idea is to institute a regular questioning process with students to gather insight into a school's progress, to collect new ideas for new directions, and to empower... more »


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