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Guide Teachers in Personal Reflection Through Use of Video

Though recent years have seen tremendous progress toward collaboration and sharing ideas between teachers, whether with grade-level teams, content-alike teams, district or personal learning networks, teachers still struggle with how they can implement what they learn in their room with their students. When teachers are practicing something new, whether it's an instructional practice, behavior management technique, technology... more »

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Winter Campaign

Rethinking Clip Charts: Through the Eyes of a Student

It is no surprise that the topic of classroom clip charts has proven to be controversial for students, parents and educators alike. While clip charts offer a visually appealing tracking system for behavior in the classroom, what do they really tell us?

I make it my mission to focus on the positive in the classroom so upon implementing a behavior chart I was not one to use the bottom half. Instead of clipping down in... more »

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Winter Campaign

Reverse role modeling.

If a class is having poor behavior moments, I take a minute to reverse the role modeling.I sit at a student's desk, and allow a small group of students to stand up as the teachers. There assignment is to get me to write my name on a piece of paper. While they're trying to teach me to do this, I display actions that they use. Sometimes I also give role modeling action cards and have small groups display the wrong behaviors... more »

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