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Winter Campaign

Using Peer Observers to Support Educator Effectiveness and Leadership

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Educator to Educator feedback on teaching and learning is an effective tool for increasing educator effectiveness, for both the peer educator and observed educator, and supports educator leadership through the identification of peer educators.

Our idea supports the use of peer educators, as Qualified Peer Observers (QPOs), to provide feedback to our educators who are on peer observation portion of a two year educator... more »

City Dover

State Massachusetts


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Spring Campaign

Restructure Schools with Inclusive, Strategic Process

To move schools forward, schools have to analyze roles, routines, and structure. To promote this process, school communities need to first decide on a targeted mission/vision. Next, they need to make the time to analyze current roles, routines, and structures with regard to that mission/vision--what's working and what is not working? After that they need to create an action plan to restructure their school to better meet... more »

City Framingham

State MA


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