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Winter Campaign

Guide Teachers in Personal Reflection Through Use of Video

Though recent years have seen tremendous progress toward collaboration and sharing ideas between teachers, whether with grade-level teams, content-alike teams, district or personal learning networks, teachers still struggle with how they can implement what they learn in their room with their students. When teachers are practicing something new, whether it's an instructional practice, behavior management technique, technology... more »

City Columbia

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Winter Campaign

Engines of Change: NBCT State and National Professional Learning Teams

Let's elevate the role of NBCTs by creating professional learning teams in every state. NBCTs would work with state departments of education, the U.S. Department of Education, and other organizations to design and deliver professional growth initiatives for teachers in their state. NBCT teams, called Engines of Change, would consult with counties, districts, and school sites to support professional learning in America's... more »

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Spring Campaign

Innovative Teaching that Create Engaged Learners

This workshop is designed and created to demonstrate how to use technology tools to promote learning that is purposeful and relevant. Teachers will learn how to utilize these tools in innovative ways in to engage all learners. This workshop is structured around the individual needs of the teachers and their student population.

City Cincinnati

State OH


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