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Spring Campaign

Technology- Makes 21st Century Teachers Learners

Twenty-First Century educators are facing a battle over something younger than we are... Technology. More technology is introduced everyday and we are struggling to keep up, but it is one of the best tools we have for reaching our students which makes it worth the fight. We are teaching a new generation of students to use tools that we, ourselves have little and in some cases no experience with, and about the time we... more »

City Robinson

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Winter Campaign

Hybrid Special Education Mentor Teacher with New Special Education Teacher Residency Program

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This is a year-long residency experience and hybrid teacher role. Match a new special educator and paraprofessional with an experienced (preferably NBCT) mentor special educator (MSE) and trained paraprofessional (para) in a self-contained classroom. Have the MSE train the new educator; the para trains the new para. For the 1st marking period both teachers are in the classroom with both paras. She observes the new teacher,... more »

City Woodbridge

State Virginia


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