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Winter Campaign

The Choice to Serve - A Veterans Project

Our county in SC has appx 26,000 veterans who served. In a mission to capture as many of their stories as possible, we have began a project to interview a portion of the population (we have committed 68 vets to meet with our students) and create documentaries about each of the. In small groups. Students will film, scan in veteran artifacts, and then create an e book page about their person. We have set up several items... more »


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Spring Campaign

Invent the Future by Coding

Computational thinking and coding is the new literacy that is needed for students in order for them to create innovative ways of expression and to solve complex problems that face society. Through explicitly connecting the computational thinking process to problem solving, students learn to decompose complex problems, look for patterns, and come up with solutions. This connects well with the eight Standards for Mathematical... more »


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