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Winter Campaign

Hybrid roles to support teachers and administration

I have begun discussions with my central administration about creating hybrid positions within the district in order to help support a number of different initiatives that we have on-going. For instance, we are piloting a teacher evaluation system this year, and it goes live next school year. Between the administrators also having a new evaluation program, there is simply not enough capacity to support teachers learning... more »

City Farmington

State Maine


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Spring Campaign

Restructure Schools with Inclusive, Strategic Process

To move schools forward, schools have to analyze roles, routines, and structure. To promote this process, school communities need to first decide on a targeted mission/vision. Next, they need to make the time to analyze current roles, routines, and structures with regard to that mission/vision--what's working and what is not working? After that they need to create an action plan to restructure their school to better meet... more »

City Framingham

State MA


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