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Winter Campaign

Instructional Round Playground: Identifying Excellence in Educational Practice

Our new teachers meet with instructional coaches for five seminars outside of the school day in their first year. This year, we incorporated what I call "Instructional Round Playground." This is how it works. We show our new teachers a portion of a Teaching Channel video. Then, as if we were taking part in an instructional round together, we focus on identifying examples of excellence in teaching. It's amazing what... more »

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Winter Campaign

Questioning and Contemplating Assessment Practices

Informal. Formal. Summative. Formative.

Assessments are powerful educational tools, and we use them so frequently. Nevertheless, teachers receive very little education about or training in effective, valid assessment practices.

Teacher education programs could certainly include more about assessments, but classroom experiences with them provide valuable knowledge that theory never will. Therefore, a greater conversation... more »

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Winter Campaign

Student Teaching: The Next Apprenticeship

How many started your first year and were hanging on by a thread? I have. The phrase "the 2nd year is better" or reading articles on "how to survive your first year" is created and used by veteran teachers. The traditional teacher development through college and alternative programs leave 1st year teachers unprepared to tackle all of the responsibilities of a teacher. Now add on the responsibility to relay content to... more »

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Spring Campaign

Innovative Teaching that Create Engaged Learners

This workshop is designed and created to demonstrate how to use technology tools to promote learning that is purposeful and relevant. Teachers will learn how to utilize these tools in innovative ways in to engage all learners. This workshop is structured around the individual needs of the teachers and their student population.

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