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Winter Campaign

Real Life Rules and Respect

Societal rules, basic etiquette, and the definition of respect should be a mandatory workshop at the high school freshman level (or earlier). It is the moral choices, a family support system, and knowledge of different cultures that divide our society. As we see less familial guidance, it is the responsibility of the village to teach our new generations. As educators we strive for all of our students to succeed, but... more »

City Fort Worth

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Spring Campaign

Hands on STEM Teacher Training via YouTube

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Lead STEM teachers by doing their own experiments and posting themselves on YouTube during summer monthly PD sessions to experience first hand. Teachers overcome their experiment fear and do simple demonstrations with confidences. The videos may also be used as open ended videos on demonstration steps. Confidence is the number one priority for STEM teachers do hands on experiments inquiry demonstrations along with time... more »

City Jacksonville

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