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Fall 2014 Campaign

National Board Certification in Rural Areas

Teachers in rural community schools often do not have adequate funding for professional development to support student learning. National Board Certification empowers teachers by helping them to grow as leaders within their school, district, and state and also helps them to maintain focus on the heart of their classroom--enhanced student learning. It is a most rigorous, personal professional development process.


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Fall 2014 Campaign

National Board Certification & Race to the Top

Race to the top money is given to schools trying to "catch up" technologically across the nation.
If schools choose this, they get the money and must abide by the stipulations that come with it.
I'd like to see a federally funded project in which teachers seeking national board certification, can partner with a mentoring program, facilitated by national board certified teachers, to assist them in the process.
This program... more »


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Summer 2014 Campaign

National Board Certification in the Bronx

With support from their administrations, a group of National Board Certified Teachers will mentor their colleagues through the board certification process in 6 schools in the Hunts Point neighborhood of the south Bronx. With a focus on content knowledge and differentiation in instruction, this group of diverse elementary, middle, and high school teachers will collectively improve their practice in order to improve student... more »


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Boston Teacher Leadership Summit

Teacher Leadership Summit

Many teachers want to step into teacher leadership roles. However, teachers often lack specific training in leadership skills related to areas such as facilitation, having difficult conversations, advocacy, how to move a goal from idea to reality, and how to work with adult learners, to name a few. Our goal is to organize a yearly summit which would allow potential teacher leaders across the State of Maine to get training... more »


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