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Fall 2014 Campaign

Involving Families in Academic Life

We all know that one of the most important partnerships we have is with our families. I believe that in order to have a more successful partnership with these families and to make them feel welcomed, we should invite them into classes, take extra efforts to reach out, be flexible with event planning and scheduling, host community forums on topics they've deemed important, and add a personal touch. At my clubs this year,... more »


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Denver Teacher Leadership Summit

School-Community Partnerships: Increasing the Role of Parents and the Community in Education

Research has shown that parent involvement is one of the strongest indicators of students’ success in school. Historically, our school has struggled to successfully enlist the support of parents and the community. Our leadership idea is to create an advisory committee consisting of parents, teachers, and other community members dedicated to making the school a better place for learning. Our advisory committee would help... more »


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