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Summer 2014 Campaign

Teachers Input on Policy

Teachers have so many frustrations with a variety of aspects of education. Teachers should take more control of their own profession. This requires us to be more knowledgable about policy at federal, state, and district levels and to learn how we can give input on policy and work to influence it. I am doing a fellowship at US ED this year and would love to bring teachers in on a regular basis to see what ED does and... more »


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Denver Teacher Leadership Summit

A Seat at the Policy Table

Teachers often complain that we are left out of the policy talks. It is up to us to claim a seat at the table by establishing relationships with our elected representatives. These relationships are critical in ensuring that representatives turn to us, the experts, when education questions are raised. It is also important for representatives to hear from their constituents (which include educators) regularly in order... more »


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Boston Teacher Leadership Summit

Create a Culture of Questioning

As an educator I have found that a properly presented question moves both myself and others. However, formulating effective questions requires training and practice. Engagement in discussion about this foundational skill develops the skills needed to lead.

A trained questioner produces a subtle power of service with professional influence. Influencing peers and educational policy through authentic questioning may remain... more »


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Spring Campaign

Education Policy and Advocacy Summer Boot Camps (Digital and In Person)

I believe all teachers should receive information on education policy and teacher advocacy. In the current system, teachers are far too removed from policy decisions that affect so much of what we do in our classrooms.

I conceptualize the boot camps to occur throughout the US, much like the EdCamp model. A cohort of individuals would put together the Boot Camp content--a living, digital work-- and provide virtual and... more »


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Fall 2014 Campaign

School Teachers Collaborating with Afterschool and Summer Program Professionals

Especially in urban and lower-income communities, the majority of children go from school to an afterschool program each day during the school year. Many of these children go to summer programs when school is out for the summer.

Cross-training, shared learning goals, and stronger communication and collaboration between school teachers and the staff working in afterschool and summer programs could be a huge benefit to... more »


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