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Spring Campaign

Education Policy and Advocacy Summer Boot Camps (Digital and In Person) trending idea

I believe all teachers should receive information on education policy and teacher advocacy. In the current system, teachers are far too removed from policy decisions that affect so much of what we do in our classrooms.

I conceptualize the boot camps to occur throughout the US, much like the EdCamp model. A cohort of individuals would put together the Boot Camp content--a living, digital work-- and provide virtual and... more »

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Spring Campaign

Supporting Teacher Success trending idea

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In many classrooms, especially in low-income schools, we see dedicated teachers whose students are not making expected progress. These teachers often receive pressure and attack from other teachers, parents, and administrators. This pressure, intended to motivate, increases stress and anxiety for struggling teachers and is counterproductive. Building a professional community beyond the school increases confidence and... more »

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Spring Campaign

Balanced Classrooms trending idea

Like students, teachers are being assessed with a one-size fits all mentality. Not all classrooms are balanced in terms of ability, income, language proficiency, emotional stability, and behaviors to name a few. Yet, teachers need to reach the same levels of achievement whether their students attend 180 days a year or 80 days a year.

Many classrooms have disproportionate percentages of student demographics and needs.... more »

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