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Hands on STEM Teacher Training via YouTube

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Lead STEM teachers by doing their own experiments and posting themselves on YouTube during summer monthly PD sessions to experience first hand. Teachers overcome their experiment fear and do simple demonstrations with confidences. The videos may also be used as open ended videos on demonstration steps. Confidence is the number one priority for STEM teachers do hands on experiments inquiry demonstrations along with time... more »

City Jacksonville

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Spring Campaign

Technology- Makes 21st Century Teachers Learners

Twenty-First Century educators are facing a battle over something younger than we are... Technology. More technology is introduced everyday and we are struggling to keep up, but it is one of the best tools we have for reaching our students which makes it worth the fight. We are teaching a new generation of students to use tools that we, ourselves have little and in some cases no experience with, and about the time we... more »

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Spring Campaign

Innovative Teaching that Create Engaged Learners

This workshop is designed and created to demonstrate how to use technology tools to promote learning that is purposeful and relevant. Teachers will learn how to utilize these tools in innovative ways in to engage all learners. This workshop is structured around the individual needs of the teachers and their student population.

City Cincinnati

State OH


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