Denver Teacher Leadership Summit

Please share an actionable teacher leadership idea to be considered for possible inclusion in the regional Denver Teacher Leadership Summit, taking place January 10-11th, 2015. The deadline to submit is midnight (EST), December 9th, 2014. Note: Submission of an idea for the Denver Summit indicates that you would like to be included in a summit (either individually or on a team) to further develop this idea and to create a concrete actionable plan for teacher leadership. This is not a call for proposals or presenters. *All information submitted will be kept private unless marked "public." NOTE: All ideas and comments are subject to moderation and will not be posted until they are approved.
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Denver Teacher Leadership Summit

Teacher Leaders are needed for Transformational Change to occur in the United States Public Education System

Public Education is under attack. Outside of education organizations are increasingly blaming teachers for underperforming schools. These organizations seek solutions outside of our current public education system creating the illusion that transformational change cannot occur within the system. There is too much at stake to allow this perception to continue. Teacher Leaders are not only helpful but critical in creating... more »


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