Denver Teacher Leadership Summit

Please share an actionable teacher leadership idea to be considered for possible inclusion in the regional Denver Teacher Leadership Summit, taking place January 10-11th, 2015. The deadline to submit is midnight (EST), December 9th, 2014. Note: Submission of an idea for the Denver Summit indicates that you would like to be included in a summit (either individually or on a team) to further develop this idea and to create a concrete actionable plan for teacher leadership. This is not a call for proposals or presenters. *All information submitted will be kept private unless marked "public." NOTE: All ideas and comments are subject to moderation and will not be posted until they are approved.
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Denver Teacher Leadership Summit

America's National Education Problem: Let's Take Action Now to Improve the System!

Because advanced learners are in every American classroom and only three states require teacher pre-training programs to include advanced pedagogy, teachers are not prepared to address the needs of advanced learners.
The 2008 Fordham Institute teacher survey found:
• 65% of teachers reported that their education courses and programs focused very little, or not at all, on how to teach academically advanced students.
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